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Finding Hope, Together

At Wesana Clinics, our psychiatric providers take an integrated approach to your mental health, from the initial diagnosis to the completion of your treatment. Every patient is unique and deserves special care. Please call us to learn more about how we may help you. 

Mental Health Treatments

We will provide you with the most innovative and research-backed mental health treatments to treat a variety of conditions, including but not limited to: 

Best-in-Class Patient Experience

Our team at Wesana Clinics is dedicated to creating a warm and inviting environment while ensuring that you get the compassionate care you deserve. Our facilities – which feature private, quiet treatment rooms – were designed with your health in mind. We offer a variety of options to enhance the environment and effectiveness of your treatment, including light and music therapy. Most importantly, we are here to support you throughout your journey toward health and wellness.  

A Note From Our
Chief Medical Officer

"If you’ve struggled to find help with limited success, Wesana Clinics offers additional resources that many other practices do not. Ketamine therapy is just one of the groundbreaking approaches we use to help our patients re-frame their concern to get to the root of – and repair – an issue. We are dedicated to helping you find the care you need to live life on your terms."

Dr. Abid Nazeer MD, FASAM

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Ketamine infusions have helped me immensely - diminished suicidal thoughts, lessened anxiety and hope...


Ketamine treatment saved my daughter’s life. I would recommend it to anyone with treatment resistant depression.

Laura F.

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I have suffered from depression for over 20 years. Most of those years I was treatment resistant. I’ve lost so much because of depression; friendships as well as my job. Ketamine infusions have helped me immensely (diminished suicidal thoughts, lessened anxiety and hope). I’m able to get out of bed and do the little things in life that many people take for granted. I am beyond grateful to Dr. Nazeer. He, Laura, and the caring nurses are the most wonderful people I’ve ever worked with. They truly care about people and give you the hope you need to keep going on in life. I can’t say enough wonderful things about ketamine infusions.”


Ketamine is a miracle! My teenager has been suffering from major depression and anxiety for more than 4 years. We have tried everything and spent thousands of dollars on inpatient and outpatient treatments including residential treatment and the maximum dose of nearly every medication approved for people under 18. None of these treatments were able to keep her from repeatedly trying to kill herself and self harming on a daily basis. Dr Nazeer clearly explained what to expect from the treatments and he answered all of our questions. He administered the drug himself and closely monitored progress during and between treatments. By the time she was half way through the initial treatment, she had lost the urge to self harm. By the end of the first course of treatment, her suicidal thoughts were eliminated. With continuing treatment, her life is turning around. She is ready to go back to school and get a job and she is communicating with her peers on a daily basis. Her self esteem is boosted and best of all, her suicidal thoughts are diminished in frequency, intensity and duration. Ketamine treatment saved my daughter’s life and I would recommend it to anyone with treatment resistant depression.”

Laura F.

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